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Dog Ear Creek Quilts, LLC

Welcome To Dog Ear Creek Quilts Longarm Quilting Page!

To my Dear Customers: Due to Health Issues, I am no longer accepting Quilts for Longarm Quilting Services. I also have removed all fabrics & notions from the Shopping Feature. All orders have been shipped, but I am not currently accepting further orders. Thank you for your business & for all the fun we've had in creating beautiful things together. As I recover, I look forward to visiting with you in studio & to working on a few of my own creations. Thanks again!

Serving you with Professional Longarm Quilting Services! We utilize a fully computerized Innova Autopilot Mach3 Longarm machine!

You've worked so hard and spent many hours creating your beautiful quilt top! Now, leave the quilting to us! Allow our experienced professional quilter to complete the quilting for you! Choose from many available Digital Edge-to-Edge Designs! We continue to build our digital pattern library.

Phone: 402-880-2293
Call or text Today to schedule a personal consultation about quilting your quilt!
Here's how affordable it really can be!

Edge-to-Edge Designs STARTING at:      $    .019 per square inch
         (up to $.025 per sq in depending on complexity & density)
Quilter's Dream Batting Select: $14.99 per yard (Cotton, 93" Bolt)
Quilter's Dream Batting Deluxe: $14.99 per yard (Cotton, 93" Bolt)
Warm & Natural Batting:  $14.99 per yard (Cotton, 90" Bolt)
Thread Charge:               $  5.00
Minimum Charge:            $45.00

Other charges that may apply. (Or prep these items at home to save money.)

Pressing:                         $10.00 per item
Piecing the Backing:        $10.00 per seam
Square-Up Backing:        $10.00
Trim Charge:                   $15.00
If I need to Add to Backing that is too small to load on my machine: $10.00 per seam
Other charges may apply, such as special setup in certain cases.

In a hurry?

Rush Orders:                   $35.00 = Next Up

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Wide Backing Fabric is also available.

Preparing Your Quilt for the Longarm Quilter - These simple preparations will save you money and enhance the look of your completed quilt.

   1. Press your quilt top and backing
   2. Provide a minimum of 8 inches extra backing fabric in length and width. This allows an extra 4 inches on each side, top & bottom to load your quilt properly. Wide Backing Fabric is also available for your convenience.
   3. Your backing should be squared up. If you have questions on how to accomplish this, we can help. Or we will square it up for you for a small fee. You will likely need a little bigger backing to allow for the amount trimmed off in the squaring up process.
   4. You may purchase batting from us or bring in your own batting. Be aware that some battings do not lend themselves to a good finished product. We can discuss at your first appointment, if you have questions or concerns.
   5. If you elect to bring your own batting, it should also be 8 inches bigger than your quilt top all around, providing 4 inches extra on each side, top & bottom. (Similar to backing size requirements described in #2 above.)
   6. Binding Services are available. We can discuss various options, if you are interested.

Call or text Today: 402-880-2293 to schedule a personal consultation about quilting your lovely quilt top!
By appointment at 1301 Nicholas St, Suite 310, Omaha, NE 68102